1864: Albert Ovid Brown to G. H. Brown

Albert’s Headstone

This letter was written by Albert Ovid Brown (1847-1865), the son of Dr. George Reese Brown (1800-1881) and his second wife, Maria Louisa Horton (1814-1868) of Belton, Anderson county, South Carolina.

Albert was an undergraduate cadet (Class of 1868) at the South Carolina Military Academy (a.k.a. “The Citadel”). According to military records, he died of disease on 29 January 1865 while the cadets were in the service. Albert may have volunteered to fill the ranks of Capt. J. A. Cowen’s Co. E, 20th South Carolina Infantry which was from Anderson county, So. Carolina.

Albert wrote the letter to his younger brother George H. Brown, born in 1849.

Addressed to Master G. Henry Brown, Williamston, So. Carolina
Care of Dr. G. R. Brown

Atlanta, Georgia
April 8th [1864]

My Dear Brother,

I received your kind letter this morning and was glad to hear from you all and to hear that James ¹ is at home but sorry to hear that Ma was still unwell. I hope she will recover soon. As you will see by the heading of this, I am now in Atlanta. I came down this morning. I don’t know yet how I will like the place. I understand the guard duty is pretty heavy here. We will have to stand from two to three hours every night. I suppose if I could get a furlough of sufficient length. I would like to go by Cuthbert [Georgia] and accompany Emma ² home but I have no idea. If I get a furlough it will be over ten days for Capt. [James Addison] Cowen does not command this company now. He has been detailed as Captain of a company of State Cavalry and will not be with us several months perhaps.

You must continue to try to write and you will soon learn to write as good a letter as almost any boy of your age. I must close. Write soon. Love to all. Direct to Atlanta.

Your brother, — Albert Brown

¹ James Broyles Brown (1833-1899) was a son of Dr. G. R. Brown and his first wife, Edna. N. Broyles (1801-1843).

² Edna Emeline (“Emma”) Brown (1841-1890) was a daughter of Dr. G. R. Brown and his first wife, Edna. N. Broyles (1801-1843). She was married to George D. Whitman (1835-1990) in 1861 in Georgia.




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