1863: Myron E. Clark to Mr. Wood

This letter was written by Myron E. Clark, the son of Stephen Clark (1801-18xx) and Polly Clark (1800-18xx) of Salina, Onondaga, New York. Myron enlisted on 28 February 1862 for three years service in the 14th U.S. Infantry, Co. G. He was discharged from the service on 28 February 1865 as a sergeant.



Fort Trumbull
October 19, 1863

Mr. Wood,

I am now going to fulfill my promise in writing to you but of course I shall be looking after my own interest in doing so. I have arrived here safe and sound, but I wish the God Dr. Flickinger was here to take my case in hand for at the rate things are going here, I am afraid of going to the Devil backhanded. I will close with a few lines to Dr. hoping you will be kind enough to hand it to him. If I should be fortunate enough to have any letters in your care, forward them on to the following address—Sergt. Myron E. Clark, Fort Trumbull, New London, Connecticut.

Dr. Flickinger, dear Sir—I address this short note to you hoping you will be kind enough to forward to me your recipe of medicine for purifying the blood, which you gave me while under your charge. I am my own doctor here which amounts for so singular a request.

Yours respectfully, — Sergt. M. E. Clark




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