1864: Fidello Biddle to Fannie Rundell

This letter was written by Fidello (“Dell”) Biddle (1842-1913), the son of Joseph Biddle (1797-1880) and Elizabeth Henry (1810-18xx) of Canton, Bradford county, Pennsylvania. On 2 November 1861, Fidello Biddle enlisted as a private in Co. D, 106th Pennsylvania Infantry. He was described as standing 5 foot 9 inches tall, light hair and blue eyes—a farmer by occupation. He was discharged on a surgeon’s certificate on 18 March 1863. He later served in Co. D, 50th New York Engineers.

Dell wrote the letter to his friend, Fanny C. Rundell (1845-1920), the daughter of Jefferson and Hannah (Pratt) Rundell of Canton, Bradford county, Pennsylvania. The couple were married in 1867.

See also–1862: Fidello Biddle to Euphemia J. Biddle and 1863: George L. Covert to Fannie Rundell


Addressed to Miss Fannie Rundell, Alba, Bradford county, Pennsylvania

Canton, [Pennsylvania]
June 18th 1864
Saturday morn

My darling Fannie,

I received yours of the 12th instant in due time and you know I was glad to hear from you. It found me and mine all well. Our teacher (Clara Wilcox) stayed with me last night and don’t you think this morning we have got to tote over to that old Institute a foot back. I think its a perfect shame, don’t you?

But if I could only meet you there, I would go twice. Heaven has indeed blessed you this summer—i. e., you don’t have to attend institute for I hate to go so bad it seems as if everyone else did.

I am vey happy to tell you that Dan was not drafted, but I presume you will hear it from his lips before his reaches you. Reed too escaped and I am so glad for it seems now hat we could not let him go. There were only three drafted from the Flatts anyway; those were Samuel Fitzwater, Henry Watson, & George Williams.

Oh! isn’t this hot and dry weather? Yesterday was enough to swelter folks and if it [is] so warm here, what can it be down where the poor soldiers are. How I pity them!

Charles K. has got his final discharge, hasn’t he? I am very glad of that. I presume Deal is too. You ask were Shed has gone; well, it is English Center, Tioga county, and that is all I know about it. I don’t know how far it is from here. I have had one letter from him since he went away & shall look for another next week. I don’t know whether he is coming home the 4th or not. Where and how are you going to spend the fourth? I shan’t teach but expect to stay at home and wash cause you know it’s Monday.

Say, you come over here & we will go off in the woods somewhere and stay all day. Do it or not? Miron’s folks are all well and they think Rosalia is gaining but very slowly.

Excuse brevity this time for now I must get ready to start to Canton. With much love, I am ever your own, — Dell

Now please write at your earliest convenience for it does me good to get letters from those I love.

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