1863: Jeremiah A. Krum to Elwood C. Cox

This letter was written by Jeremiah A. Krum (1846-1898), the son of George K. Krum (1817-1872) and Lucy Ann Artz (1815-1882) of Schaefferstown, Lebanon county, Pennsylvania.

Jeremiah’s letter with image of him from later years


Locust Grove Mills
April 4th 1863

Dear Elwood,

I inform you by these few lines that I am well at present, hoping these few lines may find thee in the same state of health. Further, I received thy letter last 7 day and was very glad to hear from thee—and I expect thee is glad to hear from me. I will inform thee with what all I can or know. I have not much to say just now. Perhaps more after awhile.

I hope you are all good Union men yet. Thee also told me that Pap has hired a colored fellow. I guess thee don’t like that very well. If Pap had not hired him, you [would have] got a white fellow. I got 4 for you now—nice fellows—but you can get them next summer if you want. One of them [anyway].

I expect thee is still at the collection yet. We will gather minerals & eggs for you this summer.

No more at present for this time. Remain yours forever, — Jeremiah A. Krum

to Elwood C. Cox

& Elma H. Cox & Patty A. Cox & Emma E. Evans & Mother & Pap

Write soon.


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