Claar, 18 February 1864

Camp near Brandy Station
February 18, 1864

Dear wife,

I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well at present. I hope and trust [that when] these few lines come to hand, they will find you in the same state of health. I will inform you that I received your kind and welcome letter today and I was glad to hear from home and that you was all well at that time. I will inform you that I am at the Division Hospital. I am detailed for a nurse. We have only five sick now. I have good times here—plenty to eat and drink.

I will inform you that sixty rebels went past here yesterday that came in and gave themselves up.

You wanted to know whether I reenlisted or not. There is no fear of it for I would not reenlist for all their greenbacks. I will ty and get out of it. Once will do me, I think. You had stated that Frederick Burket enlisted and Henry Neal wished that he would have had a good friend and would ricket his [ ] for him and made him stay at home before Neal be out three years. He will wish that the Devil had the soldiering and I was home again.

I will inform you that we were paid for two months last Sunday. I will inform you that I will send twenty dollars and half of money home in this letter to you. I will inform you that I spend a good deal of money. I buy a pie or some now and then. They are dear. 0.25 cents for a little pie, 2 cents for a cake that will make one bite. The pies taste good. You know I was a good hand for pies when I was home.

You had stated that Father was sick when you wrote your letter. Answer this letter as soon as it comes to hand. I think I must bring my letter to a close. — Jacon Claar

to Christina Claar

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