Claar, 23 December 1862

[Camp Sumwalt]
December 23, 1862

Dear wife,

I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well at present and I hope and trust when these few lines come to hand that it will find you in good health. I received your kind letter last evening and was pleased to hear from you once more. I have not much news to write to you this time. The best news I have to write is that we will have a rice soup for dinner and beef for supper. We get fresh beef twice a day and bacon once. We have plenty too and nothing to do. We have plenty of fun and like it better every day. And when I come home, I will tell you all about it and save about five yards of sausage till I come home and take good care of my boys and I will bring them something from Baltimore.

I will inform you that I hurt my knee last week but it is getting better fast. I can hop about like a young crow with a staff. I will let you know something about the weather—it is almost too warm here today for I am getting too lazy to write today. We had some cold nights last week but I sleep very warm every night. I and John Stiffler, William Robinson—we sleep together in one bunk. We have four blankets for cover and three cloth and three overcoats under us. We sleep good and warm.

I haven’t much to write this time. Nothing at present but remember [your] dear husband, — Jacob C. Claar

To Christina Claar

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