Claar, 24 December 1836

Camp near Brandy Station
December 24, 1863

Dear Wife,

I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well at present. I hope and trust when these few lines come to hand, thy will find you in the same state of health. I will inform you that I received your kind and welcome letter on the 26th and on 27th.

We left and got after the Rebs. We chased them across the Rapidan River and sixteen miles to the south side of it. They made a stand at the Mine Run. We whipped them and drove them back to their fortifications. Then we retired to Brandy Station. The loss in our regiment is sixty-two—fifty-four wounded and 8 killed. There was two wounded in our company—David Burket and Henry Speck—both slight wounds. David was wounded in the hand with a buckshot. Speck was wounded in the head. Our Colonel was wounded in the heel. I felt sorry for him. He is a fine man. We all like him. We laid under the fire from half past three till six. It was a hot time. There was more noise than ever I heard before,

Today we got to our old camp. I think I must bring my letter to a close for this time. Nothing more at present but remember your dear husband, — Jacob C. Claar

to Christina Claar

I will inform you that I will send Austin and Samuel each a piece of money. I will inform you that I could not send any money home this [time]. We were all in debt for clothing and they took it out of our pay.

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