Claar, 27 December 1864

Camp near Brandy Station
December 27, 1864

Dear wife,

I take my pen in hand to inform you that I hope and trust these few lines come to hand and they will find you in the same state of health. I will inform you that I wrote to you on the thirteenth of this month and I have no answer yet from you. I thought today I would scribble a few lines to you being as it is raining.

I will inform you that we had some cold frosty nights last week and some this week. Yesterday we had a nice day. It was warm and the sun was shining bright and clear. Today it is a raining. It is cool and damp.

I will inform you that I would like] to hear from John H. Stiffler. I wrote two letters to him and never got an answer from him. I don’t know whether he didn’t get my letters or what is the reason I don’t get one from him. I would like to hear of him and the whole family and I would like to see them. I think I must bring my letter to a close for this time. Nothing more at present but remember your dear husband, — Jacob C. Claar

To Christina Cllaar

December 28th 1863 — I received your letter yesterday after I had wrote. I opened it and wrote a few lines more. You wanted to know whether I had enough to eat. We have plenty and more than we can eat. We have a half bushel of crackers more than we can eat and a peck of beans and plenty of meat and potatoes. The soldiers have all good comfortable quarters as far as I know. I am warm every night yet.

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