Claar, 4 June 1863

[Camp Sumwalt]
June 4, 1863

Dear Wife,

I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well at present hoping that these few lines come to hand will find you in the same state of good health. I will inform you that I received your kind and welcome letter today and I was glad to hear from home and that you were all well. I will inform you Samuel left that sugar cake at Samuel Myers. He forgot it there.

I will inform you that the Doctor took me out of the company this morning for his carpenter. He said that he needed a fellow just like me and I was glad for the chance. I like the doctor first rate. He is a nice man. I can stay with him as long as I am a good boy. I haven’t much to do.

I will inform you that William Helzel stole fifty dollars in money off our captain and he run away and they followed him to Baltimore and they caught him and he gave up the money and they brought [him] back to camp & suppose he must serve his time on the rip raps.

I will inform you that Samuel staid with me only three days and he went to Washington. I will inform you that I sent twenty-three dollars home last week with George Amick to Bucktown and a purse for you. Father can get it at any time.

I haven’t much to write this time. Nothing more at present but take god care of the boys and yourself. Remember your dear husband, — Jacob C. Claar

to Christina Claar

Saving History One Letter at a Time

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