Claar, 5 February 1863

[Camp Sumwalt]
February 5, 1863

Dear Wife,

I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well at present and I hope when these lines cone to hand, they will will you all in the same state of health. I got that letter that you sent to [me] and that money that was in it. We got home safe and our regiment was paid the same day we came to camp. We just got our money and nothing to brag of. I got thirty-one dollars and seventy-five cents. I am going to send thirty dollars home in this letter.

I haven’t much to write this time. Nothing more at present but remember your dear husband, — Jacob C. Claar

To the Fiddler—I am well at present. Nothing more at present, — Jacob C. Claar

to Joseph Claar

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