1862: William H. Hazelton to Friend

This letter was written by William Henry Harrison Hazelton (1842-1941), the son of John Hazelton (1801-1887) and Elizabeth Yerson (1812-1881) of Gouvernour, Saint Lawrence county, New York. In August 1862, William enlisted in Co. A as a corporal and rose in rank to 2nd Lieutenant in Co. K of the 142nd New York Infantry. He was discharged from the service in January 1865. He was described as a “Miner, farmer, logger, cemetery superintendent and tax collector. Served with the 142nd New York in thirty battles from Kiawah Island to Fort Fisher.”


Camp Wheeler
Ogdensburg, [New York]
September 26, 1862

Dear Friend,

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I take my pen in hand to write a few lines to let you know that I am well [and] hoping these few lines will find you enjoying the same health. It is a pleasant day and we still remain in Camp Wheeler drilling every day and we enjoy ourselves as well as we know how.

We have a good many spectators and some friends come to see us. I wish that I could see some of the folks from the Marsh district. It would do me good. But if I cannot see any of them before we leave here, I hope we shall see you all when we return.

Elic is well and sends his love and best respects to you all, He says he would like to see you. It is now about drill time and I must close. I wish that you would get your likeness taken on a plate and send to me if you will before we leave the Burgh. I do not think that we will leave here before the last of next week.

I have not any news to write this time but I hope you will have a good deal. No more at present. Write as soon as you get this. Give my love and best respects to all enquiring friends and do not forget to keep some for yourself.

Direct your letters to Camp Wheeler, Ogdensburgh in care of Captain Hurlbut, 142nd REg.

From William H. Hazelton. Please write as soon as you get this.

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