1862: James W. Morgan to William M. Albin

This letter was written by Lt. James W. Morgan of Co. K, 4th Cavalry Missouri State Militia, who was serving as the Asst. Provost Marshal General at Marshfield, MO. in September 1862. James was commissioned a lieutenant on 22 May 1862 and resigned his commission on 16 September 1863.

He wrote the letter to Lt. Col. William M. Albin, also the 4th Cavalry Missouri State Militia. Albin mustered out of the regiment in March 1863.

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Addressed to Col. Albin, Esq., St. Joseph, MO.

Office Provost Marshal
Marshfield, [Webster county, MO]
September 19, 1862

Lieut. Col. W. M. Albin
Dear Sir,

I received your kind favor of the 8th. I presume Uncle Jack is having a good time with boys that he and Mochel have ruined. I feel thankful for your assistance in preventing my release from duty at this post and to call on you to render me like service again. I learned from Blocker that Col. Hall designed have me ordered to the company. I have written to the Col. that I did not desire any such order and that if compelled to join the company, I would tender my resignation. I think I am rendering the government more efficient service than I could were I with the company. I have arrived at the conclusion that I will not go with the company if ordered to go [but] will resign.

It is no small task to go in an office of this kind and get it in running order and become familiar with the duties. I came in here with the understanding that I was to remain in this office. I have been deprived of company drill &c. and have concluded that if I am to be shifted about from post to post, that I will quit the service. You can fully appreciate my condition and are aware of everything bearing on the case.

There is no news of importance in this vicinity. Write often. I am very anxious to hear from you. I remain yours, — J. W. Morgan, Lieut. & Asst. Prov. Marshal General.