1864: Frank G. Peirce to Fanny Rundle

This letter was was written by Franklin G. Peirce [Pierce] (1827-1897) who enlisted at the age of 35 on 3 September 1864 to serve as a private in Co. K, 15th New York Engineers, for one year. He mustered out with his company on 13 June 1865 at Fort Barry, Virginia.

Frank was from Avon, New York.

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Addressed to Fanny Rundle, Canton, Bradford county, Penn.
Postmarked Washington D. C.

City Point, [Virginia]
Sunday, October 23d 1864

Much respected friend and sister,

I thought I would write you a few lines not having hear anything from you in a long time. You will excuse me for this liberty I take in writing to you. I am now doing actual duty in the Army of the Potomac at City Point, well as common. Hope you are well. I like soldiering just as well as I expected. You know how well that is.

Your Uncle Frank Rundle was here and stayed all night with me last Friday night. Said he was well. Like soldiering first rate. And now, Fanny, I do know that I would like to hear from you and your folks. Will you write and let me know how you are getting along. If you are married, you may write and tell me about it. Of course, Frank said your old friend Fidelo Biddle was well. Now little sister, I must close for the want of room. Goodbye from your friend, — Franklin Peirce

P. S. Direct your letters to F. G. Peirce, Co. K, 15th New York Engineers, Washington D. C.

Please excuse mistakes. Write soon if you consider this worth answering. — F. P.




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