1864: Charles W. Daugherty to Friend

This letter was written by Charles W. Daugherty (1843-1928) who enlisted in Co. C, 205th Pennsylvania Volunteers on 26 August 1864. He mustered out of the service on 2 June 1865.

Charles is believed to have been the son of Theodore Daugherty (1809-1897) and Maria Crawn (1811-1895). He married Nancy Wood (1849-1928) and farmed near Rome, Bradford county, Pennsylvania after the war.


Camp near Hancock’s Station
December 7th 1864

My Dear Friend,

I received your kind and most welcome letter and was highly gratified to hear from you. Your letter found me well. After three days hard marching. We left Dutch Gap last Sunday a week ago and marched to the left of Petersburg about 8 miles. We there joined the Ninth Corps. We got there on Monday evening and left on Wednesday morning. Then the Ninth Corps relieved the Second in front of Petersburg. We are now laying in front of Petersburg 2½ miles from the town. We are in shelling distance. At night we can see the shells flying though we are not in any danger whatever. I have no idea of staying here any length of time. There are a great many rumors in camp at present.

I suppose the old log school house looks as familiar as ever. I would know it bravely if I was to see it. I suppose I will never reach that point. If I get home, I purpose on visiting my relatives on Broad Top and other places.

We have a very nice time of it here. We have no picketing to do here or we have not did any yet, or I don’t want to if I can avoid it. I had a letter from Thomas S. Hayes the other day. He said he was going to send me a box for Christmas. I will appreciate it highly when it reaches me. Johnathan Hayes said he was going to send me a fowl. There has been a great many boxes come to this regiment. I am getting tired eating hard tack taking everything into consideration. I would rather be at home though I have not met anything yet to make me dislike soldiering when soldiering in a good cause which we are. I always like to have the right side of a question and favored by Providence. “I don’t want to quote scripture.” It is rumored that we are going to the Shenandoah Valley. We now belong to the Ninth Corps. I will dry up for this time. Hoping you will reply immediately. Goodbye.

Your ever true friend, — C. W. Daugherty

Company C, 205th Regt. P. V., Washington D. C.


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