1861: Thatcher Perry Wright to his Brother

This letter was written by Thatcher Perry Wright (1840-Aft1920), the son of Levi Cushman Wright (1804-1889) and Alice Baker Perry (1798-1888) of East Bridgewater, Plymouth county, Massachusetts. Thatcher wrote the letter to one of his two older brothers—most likely Levi Wright (1834-1918) who was yet single. In the 1860 US Census, 20 year-old Thatcher was enumerated in his parents residence in East Bridgewater; his occupation was given as “shoemaker.”

At the age of 21, Thatcher enlisted as a private on 22 May 1861 in Co. C, 29th Massachusetts Infantry. He remained in the service until January 1863 when he was discharged prematurely from the regiment “on account of heart trouble” at Alexandria, Virginia.

This letter was written from Fortress Monroe where Wright’s company had been since late May 1861. Wright was a member of Capt. Lebbeus Leach’s Company that had been raised almost exclusively within East Bridgewater. They were originally identified as Co. L of the Massachusetts Battalion but by the 13th of December 1861, had been re-designated as Co. C, 29th Massachusetts.


Fort Monroe [Virginia]
October 2, 1861

I thought I would write a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope you are the same. I was glad to see Old Toggle and we are drilling on big guns now. We are artillery.

That wine that Sarah sent was good. I wish that there was more. I had a letter from Henry Bates. I will send thirteen dollars home. I shall send home more the next time. Give my love to Father and Mother and the rest of the folks. Give my love to Sarah.

I heard that [you thought] I was homesick. I hant been homesick a day since I have been here. Where is Emma and her husband now? Give my love to Arvilla and Perry. How are the sons getting along now? I suppose temperate now we are here.

I have not much to write so I will close. So goodbye.

From your brother, — Fletcher P. Wright

I shall send it [money] next week so you look out for it. It will come by Express.

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