1862: Lyman P. Peck to Charles B. Peck

This letter was written by Lyman P. Peck (1838-1863), the son of Charles B. Peck (1811-1881) and Stata Coe (1810-1874) of Jewett, Greene county, New York. Lyman enlisted on 8 August 1862. He was mustered in as a corporal in Co. F, 120th New York Infantry and died of sickness at Falmouth, Virginia on 14 January 1863.


Kingston [New York]
August 16, 1862

Dear Father,

As I have time I will write you. I am well & enjoying myself first rate. Begin to get used to camp life. It is a very different life from what I have been used to. Do not fare so well but this I must expect. I shall not have that position—all the reason was, I was too late. I have talked with Mr. [Uriah H.] Coffin who is a very fine man & would have been glad to give me the place if he had not already given it to another.

Capt. [Theodore F.] Overbaugh has not been here since he came down with us—is coming down the fore part of next week. Then I shall know what I shall do.

Yesterday Elbert Hall ¹ & myself went up to Tivoli to see Watson Hall. Went up in a boat in the morning & came back on the cars about 5 o’clock. Had a good time. We took dinner with the Rev. Mr. Clark where Watson boards & visited his school in the afternoon. Lawrence who was with Oliver arrived here last night having enlisted in Cairo.

Lt. Putnam B. Dickerman, Co. F, 150th NYVols

The regiment is being rapidly filled. Our company now numbers 76. It is thought that we will not stay here long after the regiment is full. After we get our uniforms, if Put[nam B. Dickerman] & I can get a furlough, will write you & you & Mr. Dickerman can come & take us home. But if we can get transportation papers, we will come right along. I can not now tell how it will be for our captain is not here.

Norman Grey has gone to Ft. Lafayette where he ought to have been before. I have just heard that we are to go to New York next Saturday & stay there two months. I hope it is so for in that case I can have a chance to see something of the city. I have received $25 from Catskill which is all I have had. Will get $25 of the State Bounty in a day or two. Milo Bray ² has paid me $6.75—the amount he owed you. If possible, I will come up next week & pay you some money. Love to all. Write soon. I have received no letters yet. Address care of Capt. Overbaugh.

Affectionately yours, — Lyman P. Peck

¹ Elbert O. Hall enlisted at the age of 22 at Jewett as a corporal in Co. F, 120th New York Infantry. He was wounded in action at Chancellorsville on 3 May 1863.

² Milo Bray enlisted at the age of 24 as a private in Co. F, 120th New York Infantry. He died on 8 October 1863 at Lincoln Hospital in Washington D. C.

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